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Qualifying Essentials For Becoming a ‘Live in Carer’ in the UK

by Diana
Qualifying Essentials for Becoming a "live in Carer' in the UK

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British Passport

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”
– Herm Albright

Passport and the right to work in the UK

Are you thinking about becoming a ‘Live in Carer’ in the UK, but not sure what you need in order to do this? This article details exactly what you need before considering this opportunity. Let me start off by saying that you either need a British Passport or the right to work in the UK through an Ancestral Visa. If you are unsure of your status contact the British Home Office and ask them for the latest requirements.

If you have a British Passport, then you are very lucky and can go ahead with the process immediately. If yourBritish Passport is out-of-date then contact www.britishpass- portrenewal.co.za

If you have a British Passport and, it is relatively new it may not have your right to SA residency in it. You will have to speak with SA Home Affairs for a paper copy and this you must keep with your passport. Otherwise, you may have a problem when returning to SA.

If you have ancestral rights to the UK, you will need to investigate or speak with the British Home office. The rules sur- rounding the right to work and live are constantly changing. Find out how they apply to you.

Driver’s License

A valid South African Driver’s License may be used for up to a year in the UK.

If you currently have insurance, keep and copy these details.


Get some (maybe six or more) passport size photos of your- self, these will be most useful for applying to agencies and other necessary forms of identification.

Police Clearance

Apply for a Police Clearance Certificate, this can be done at your local police station or alternatively you can use an inde-

pendent company. The independent companies are very effi- cient, so if your time is limited it is worth spending the money.

Medical Clearance

This is not essential, but should you have a disability of sorts it may be a good idea to have this documented by your Doctor. Fill any prescriptions and have a plentiful supply.

Stock up on prescriptions, and over the counter drugs; i.e., Imodium, Valoid, Ibuprofen, muscle relaxant, hay fever tablets, contact lens solution, plasters and antiseptic cream.

Opticians Script

Keep a copy of your contact lens or spectacle script.


The more references you have the better. Get at least three work references and ask for two personal references. It is good if some of these references are from professional people; i.e., accountant, lawyer, architect.

Address Book & Passwords

Make a list of important addresses; i.e., Banks, Drs, Lawyers, accountants, travel agent, Create a safe place for passwords and pin numbers.

Photograph and download copies to your computer into a new folder.

Work History

Create a document that details your working history since leaving school, this may include the time you spent raising children and looking after a family. It is extremely useful to have this prepared in advance as most agencies want to know your entire history. This is for security purposes.


Create and keep an updated C.V. To present to future agents.

Create an Introduction letter about yourself for prospective clients or agencies.  Find out mo

re by buying my book here:  https://www.mysixtypluslife.com/the-complete-guide-to-becoming-a-live-in-carer-in-the-uk/

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