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Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in Yourself

by Diana
Invest in Yourself

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Know You Start Over Each Morning

Now is most certainly the perfect time to invest in yourself, we are all going to need a new perspective, fresh eyes to face our new world. There may be no better time or more incredible opportunity afforded to invest in yourself.

It is an incredibly strange time we are living through, for sure this is a first for the world. The lucky ones amongst us get an annual holiday but these are organised and we are with people we care about, doing things we love.

To be at home for an extended period without purpose, without intent it is is an unknown. Some of us prepared by buying jigsaw puzzles, woodworking equipment, art supplies, many have become great chefs, others have read more especially the news.

Learning is never Cumulative, it is a Movement of Knowing that has no Beginning and No End” Bruce Lee

Most of us probably know more about the world than we did two months ago. Certainly, it has brought the majority of nations and people closer as we fight this common enemy. Although borders around countries remain firm.

Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in Yourself

Not knowing when we will return to normal or even if what we return to will be normal is alarming for many. Millions of us have no job to return to and this is exceptionally worrying. What next and how do you repair this situation in this current state of lockdown?

I have no real answer to this except to say that given that we have free time it may be wise to use it to advance yourself. There are plenty of free online training programs and some of these sites are offering special deals during this time.

One of these platforms that is my favourite is Masterclass. This platform is so inspiring and the subjects truly fascinating are taught by leaders in their fields. Now is the perfect time to understand World economics and finance if we as individuals are ever to get ahead. The last time the world experienced an enormous financial disaster was 2008 with the housing crash. I learnt a lot about this via movies such as ‘The Big Short’, ‘Margin Call’ and ‘Wall Street Never Sleeps’, however, I know that my education in this area is sorely lacking and there is still much to learn.

As we re-enter the world again a lot will have changed and certainly, life will be a lot harder for many than it was a few short weeks ago. Understanding how it has changed and how it might change going forward helps to shape the plans we make. It was whilst listening to some interview on finance that I thought I needed to better understand how international money works. I found this incredible course on MasterClass called ‘Economics and Society’ this is taught by Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman. What I love about MasterClass is its presentation, the platform is beautifully laid out and the quality of production for all of these classes is exceptional.

Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in Yourself

Within the MasterClass portal, you will find absolutely fascinating courses taught by world-renowned leaders in their fields. Take a class by Dan Brown on Writing Thrillers, this should not only educate but entertain you the best way to learn. Alternatively, Samuel L Jackson teaches Acting you could hardly find a better teacher, you will find Helen Mirren here too. Gordon Ramsey teaches Cooking, the plethora and choice of subjects are hard to resist.

When We Stop Learning We Stop Growing” – ‘Loyal ‘Jack’ Lewman

The great thing about learning is that your mind takes a journey away from the mundane rhythm of every day and along that journey new ideas and new ways of looking at the world and your circumstances change. Learning is a great way to change and adapt to a new future.

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