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Locally Handcrafted Furniture

by Diana
Locally Handcrafted furniture

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Elegant Slipper Chair & Side Table.

Creating a new Home after Sixty is quite an adventure, now with years of experience and life goals a little altered, it seems now is the time to simplify.

I do not enjoy clutter, lots of things packed into small spaces, it makes me anxious. It always feels untidy and so much of the stuff collected over the years just seems unnecessary.

I enjoy the challenge of trimming things down, of creating a beautiful yet simple space. I want atmosphere without the stuff. I certainly needed a remake on furniture, but didn’t want ultra-modern yet also didn’t want antique. I love the way the Swedish decorate their homes, their style is so simple and so clean. The style exudes peace and simplicity.

I could find bits I liked locally in SA but the price was a little steep hence together with my Son and Daughter in Law and a Master Carpenter we founded www.mifurniture.co.za

Beautiful wood is complimented with a number of finishes. The designs are simple and clean, fine fabrics offer a touch of elegance and luxury. These pieces are equally perfect for large open plan living or smaller apartment living. I just love the quality and design. Perfect for my paired down life.

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Diana February 20, 2020 - 5:37 am

Just love the look and feel of these designs


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