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Great Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas During Isolation

by Diana
Mothers' Day Ideas During Isolation

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Being a Mama can be tough, but always remember in the eyes of your child no one does it better than you.

Great Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas You can easily arrange During Isolation

Mothers’ Day 2020 is certainly going to be unusual and finding ‘Great Mothers’ Day Gifts during Isolation may offer even more head-scratching than most mothers’ Days. Many parents are apart from their children.

Great Mothers' Day Gift Ideas During Isolation

Elderly parents in particular really look forward to this day as it is perhaps the one day they can bank on seeing their children or at least hearing from them.

Thinking of all the elderly mothers in the world alone on this much anticipated day literally, has me choking up. I cannot stand the thought of elderly mothers or in fact any mothers’ being on their own on Mothers’ Day. This year unfortunately for many that is going to be a new reality.

If you are far away and can’t think of anything to buy your elderly present the one thing I know they really love is getting a letter.

Great Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas that are Convenient and Unusual

I thought it might be an idea if in advance I could come up with some ideas of how to improve the day for each of these wonderful people finding themselves alone on this day.

Perhaps if you are not near your Mum you could consider helping out somebody else’s mother who can’t be near her children, spreading kindness is indeed a privilege, indulge. I find it so heartwarming to see how wonderful people can be in times of stress, each act of kindness builds the fabric of the new world we face.

NB Act Now Before Delivery Closes

Delivery Slots for Mothers’ Day are booking up Quickly

If you are thinking of ordering something online then you need to do this soon as companies are booking up their delivery slots very quickly.

I recently read that Amazon is working a month in advance.

Mothers’ Day for many throughout the world is just 15 days away, such a special day when so many children take time and effort to say thank you to their Mothers.

Thank Goodness for ‘Zoom’ ‘ Skype’ ‘Houseparty’ and ‘Facetime’ allowing us to connect with our loved ones far away.

For those of us who have mothers in their senior years, worrying about them has become even more intense and physically seeing them is out of the question.

A Mother understands what a child does not say – Jewish Proverb

A Vintage Mothers’ Day Gift

Elderly Mums Love Handwritten Letters for Mothers’ Day

Great Mothers Day Gift a Handwritten Letter

It’s probably ages since you last wrote a letter, and I don’t think I am alone when I say my handwriting sucks. Because I hardly ever put pen to paper, all communication is done via email.

I know it’s a hack to write a letter and now you don’t have to thanks to this service.

I recently came SCRIBELESS who offer you the ability to easily send handwritten letters to your parents. Once you have signed up you log onto their site and simply choose your stationery, a logo, a footer and your layout and write your content and then fill in where you want to send it and you are done.

SCRIBELESS will then take over from you and post it to your Mum.

I think this service is absolutely brilliant for making your marketing personal, or to send to graduation students, there are just so many uses for this technology.

I know from first-hand experience the joy felt when an elderly person receives a letter or a postcard from one of their children or friends. There is so much joy felt, that you took the time and trouble to sit down and write to them.

Somehow a handwritten letter is just so personal. This letter is kept, is talked about, shared with friends, for so many elderly this means the world to them take a look here and make your Mums’ Day special.

A Very Unique Mothers’ Day Gift is a MasterClass

MasterClass Education Meets Netflix

I am literally in Love with MasterClass, I have a membership to this site, it was given to me as a gift, hands down one of the best gifts I have received. This site is going to keep me busy the entire year.

The presentation and the whole ambience once inside the site provides a feeling of excitement. It’s like being invited into a private room to meet and spend time with some of the worlds most iconic leaders in their fields.

There are a whole range of courses where you are sure to find something to suit your loved one. The courses are so varied and so surprising you are guaranteed to finding something that’s just perfect. Can you believe it there is a MasterClass on Tennis provided by, Serena Williams, or if cooking is your thing then you can watch Gordon Ramsey.

Lockdown has gotten most women feeling desperate for the beauty salon while none of us can fix that the course offered by Bobbi Brown will give you some updated skills on make up tips and tricks and are sure to make you feel better.

Alternatively you could opt for their Special Mothers Day Gift here.

A Great Mothers' Day Gift Idea During Isolation

Great Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas When You Can’t be with Your Mother

Mothers’ Day Gifts for Crafters

I recently came across Cricut and it is absolutely fantastic, the opportunities provided to create beautiful objects are amazing. The Cricut machine and its capabilities will have any crafter begging for more, regardless of whether your Mother is an artist, photographer or simply a Creative. Take a look at this video here which offers a great overview.

Great Mothers' Day Gift Ideas During Isolation

If your Mother owns an Etsy Shop or has an online store offering crafts the Cricut will expand her capabilities and inspire her creativity. I am sold on this as are millions of others across the world.

This machine provides further expansion of the talents of your brilliant Mother to provide gifts, and works or art for the home. I think this machine might inspire crafters to be able to go on and make a full time living out of their love of Craft. Thousands of wonderful people across the world are currently using these machines to create protective masks for the Coronavirus.

In South Africa, many people are making masks for individual companies for when people return to work and some are doing this for schools. The school scenario is a brilliant idea and each mask will be labelled with the child’s name. I have noticed that some fashion houses are creating masks too. Take a look at it now maybe this is the Perfect Gift for your Mum

Mothers’ Day Wine Gifts

Perhaps wine is one of the most popular gifts you can give. There are very few women who don’t enjoy a great glass of wine. The California Wine Club offers excellent wine from small artisan wineries. I don’t know anyone that has been disappointed by these wines.

The simple event of wine arriving on your doorstep is truly a wonderful reason for celebrating.

Mothers’ Day Activity Gifts for DIY’ers

Is your Mother a Creative? If so Creative Live offers a great selection of classes that help towards taking her craft online and turning her hobby into a business.

She could study WordPress to create her own website for her craft or learn how to establish an Etsy Shop

Great Mothers' Day Gift Ideas During Isolation

It is grossly underestimated as to how many skills a successful Crafter, Artist, Photographer or DIY’er need in order to be successful, needless to say, many and growing. The online world is constantly changing and in order to stay afloat a large part of the entrepreneurs day is taken up with learning new skills. This is where Creative Live is so good as the courses offered are current and new ones constantly added.

These courses not only alleviate boredom but will inspire and promote your Mothers skills further.

Mothers’ Day this Year Requires Innovation

Here are some great examples I found in the Guardian of what some families did in the UK to celebrate Mothers’ Day during Lockdown.

One young mother from the north of England sung a serenade outside her Mothers’ home accompanied by her young children on the xylophone, violin and french horn. As she was doing this her husband took a video to share with her mother for her to look at later.

Meanwhile, Martin cooked his mother a meal delivered it to her door arranged that he and his mother share a meal later that day via skype.

Abioye Achebe whose mother died five years ago decided to act as a proxy son to his neighbour Edith, who was self-isolating and could not get to her son in Brighton. Achebe suggested they share a meal in their respective gardens with the fence separating them, Edith loved the idea so wrapped up warmly and set her table in the garden opposite Achebe where the two spent time eating their meal and keeping each other company. Obviously, a strong bond has formed. What a wonderful gesture.

These simple ideas, mean so much, it is the effort that counts and that is so appreciated.

For those Mums that are lucky to be with their children at home, there are lots of lovely goodies children can give them.

Great Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas for the Younger Mum

Summer is nearly here…

Summer Sandals

Mothers' Day Gift Ideas for the Younger Mum

I found these great, supper trendy Summer Sandals, they won’t break the bank and are sure to suit most summer outfits.

These shoes are so adaptable and extremely comfortable and are sure to suit most summer outfits. They come in a selection of colours, these should and should prove to be a big hit.

Mothers’ Day Gifts During Quarantine

Health and Beauty in a Box

Another fabulous offering from Fabfitfun provides an excellent present combining health and beauty in a box. A wonderful lift for Mum who might be feeling a little bit drab after being cooped up for so long.

These Fabfitfun boxes are so much fun, and you will receive four per year, one to go with each season. I love these every time one arrives it always feels like a mini Christmas and a reason to celebrate. Make your Mum happy all year long with these delightful treats.

Beauty in a Box

Beauty in a box is a similar idea but these arrive every month and offer beauty products only. Excellent value as each box is valued at $70 but you buy it for only $15.00. A wonderful way to pamper your Mum month in and month out, what better way to show you care.

Each box is packed with designer brand products and includes two full-size products to ensure, you create a full beauty cabinet at home. It’s always so exciting to open these surprise packages each month.


Mothers’ hold their Children’s’ hands for a while but their hearts forever

Making Meal Times Easy for Mum

Gourmet Meals Delivered to Mum on Mothers’ Day

These Gourmet are simply delicious and what better present can you think of than having these meals delivered directly to your door. They are super healthy and very tasty.

 Great Mothers' Day Gift Idea During Isolation are Gourmet  Meals delivered

Perfect for Young Mums with Babes in arms as you can order individual meals for Mum and Dad. Especially great for busy parents who haven’t slept in days.

They are also wonderful for the more senior Mother who perhaps lives alone, saving her time and hassle and ensuring a healthy and tasty treat. Easy to prepare and delicious to eat. You could share one of these meals via Skype, offering an even better present and experience.

For those of us who live countries apart, it is a little more difficult to spring a surprise serenade however thanks to the internet we can do so many different things.

Design Your Own Mothers’ Day Gift Basket

These are a great idea no matter how far away your Mother is from you. You know your Mother well and know what she likes now you can pick and choose the items and put them into a basket and get it delivered straight to her door.

Great Mothers' Day Gift Ideas During Isolation

You can choose your theme, your container and what you want to put into the basket and then simply check out. They offer a selection of baskets to Gourmet enthusiasts, to Coffee lovers, Italian Cuisine gurus and Chocolate fundis, the choices are endless.

These offer a great project to sit down with the kids and decide on what are the perfect gift ideas are for the basket.

Alternatively, you can choose one of the already prepared gift baskets specifically created for Mothers Day. There is the Bearylicious Gourmet Gift Basket, Spa Bliss Spa Gift Basket or the Morning Glory Breakfast Gift Basket. You are spoilt for choice.

Christmas Gift Baskets

Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas for the Senior Mum

Elderly parents don’t necessarily want things, they want you, your time, your thoughts, another memory. Perhaps write a handwritten letter, I know having worked with many of the elderly they love this and tell their friends all your news.

Pick up the phone, talk via skype, send a video and updated photos all parents love seeing what their children are doing regardless of age.

For now I wish you and your family a great Mothers’ Day, stay well and stay strong.

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