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Each Day We Say Goodbye to One of Our Best

by Diana
Each Day We Say Goodby to One of Our Best

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My Darlings,

Each Day We Say Goodbye to One of Our Best as the ‘Great Generation’ loses another member.  We may not realise until it is too late just how great this generation was and is. Look at Granny, I know she drives you mad with her handkerchiefs, her diary and her refusal to treat herself.

Each Day We Say Goodby to One of Our Best

Take a deeper look, she is part of the ‘Great Generation’ and they are named this for a very good reason.

They were named the Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw, famous News Broadcaster. Brokaw said they were the greatest because they fought for what was right rather than fighting for selfish reasons.

Their values were truly great: Honour, honesty, a moral compass, discipline, hard work, selflessness, faith, humility, forgiveness, love, care.

Each Day We Say Goodbye to One of Our Best

How much we have changed!  We are like two different animals

Each Day We Say Goodby to One of Our Best

A Selfie-Stick is almost mandatory in anyone’s travel-on bag and of course, a Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, Pinterest, Google and Twitter space is a given.  We all individually feel so important and our words and our lives so interesting to others!  Really, what I had for breakfast, what my boss did, what lame joke I shared, my new hair cut, tattoo, nipple ring the list of detail is immense.

And all of this info freely given, welcoming big corporations to mine my data and sell to other corporations to get me eating, wearing, drinking, buying their stuff.  Which I then celebrate on Facebook and the circle continues. I am happy with this I think it’s right. Am I  mad? or am I too busy with the minutia of life to see what really matters?

America has perhaps the most important, (not necessarily sane) world leader in Donald Trump and he is threatening world annihilation ‘Fire and Fury’ from a Golf bunker! Have I lost the plot or is this a thoughtful decision and I just don’t understand?

Whilst quietly in the background, depending on where you sit, big corporations are mining their own crypto currency, bankers and the IMF in SDR as the world gets ready for the implosion of the dollar.

The general public knows very little about Crypto currency, where is it taught? Can my bank advise me? I think not, then it would seem I am at an unfair advantage.

Each Day We Say Goodbye to One of Our Best

Look to Granny and to the Elders, those who go quietly, who breathe the air, smell the flowers, taste their homemade food and maybe you will find something so much better.

Each Day We Say Goodby to One of Our Best

Take a moment to listen to the Elders they have much to teach. These are people born before TV, before the aeroplane, before the internet, who fought and many died in the second world war. They have known ‘The Great Depression’, doing without, fixing it up, making do, they are disciplined and highly moral.

This world could do with a major dose of this mentality.  Our leaders desperately need it as they casually dispose of life as we know it.  It would seem lying and not being caught is considered clever, cunning, business like!  No, that is wrong, that is a shortcut and no good will come of it. Remember the Wall Street crash of 2008? We may be in for another crash or disaster who knows? No one it would seem!

Each Day We Say Goodbye to One of Our Best

In order to survive and more, I think a lot can be learned if it is not too late from the ‘Generation Great’ and those lessons you and I my darlings, need to learn today in order to get through tomorrow.

No, of course, you are right I won’t put down my phone or turn off the internet, I still have to be informed, knowledge is power, but in moderation.  I don’t need to know who won the X-Factor last night or what some celebrity said of another.  Those details are not important and won’t enrich my world.

Each Day We Say Goodby to One of Our Best

It’s time to plant seeds, sit in the sun, listen to the wind, catch a smile, listen to music and hear my heartbeat. It’s time to slow down and do more, not as we do go faster and do less.  Take a moment to listen to reason and if possible find an Elder and spend some time listening to their life and their experiences and learn wisdom.

Perhaps this whole world needs a reset and maybe that’s what’s coming, right now we have the education in our Elders to do so.  Let’s take time and listen to them, their words may save us from the complete madness we face.

Each Day We Say Goodbye to One of Our Best

There is a reason our Elders survive, and I need to take heed of this, in them, I will find wisdom and strength and time out. Enough of this disposable, microwaveable, instant, self-gratifying bullshit, time to get real and back to basics, I think.

Each Day We Say Goodby to One of Our Best

So please come by soon and we will spend time with Granny, she is fading though stoic, she has so much to give don’t waste this time with her.

`Just my two pennies worth

I Love you my darlings, Mum

This was written whilst caring for an elderly person and the journey prompted the writing of the book ‘Any Age Gap Year – The Complete Guide to ‘Live in Care’ in the UK, you can find more details here https://www.mysixtypluslife.com/any-age-gap-year-the-complete-guide-to-becoming-a-live-in-care-in-the-uk/

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