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Day 8 of COVID-19 Lockdown in SA

by Diana
Day 8 of Covid-19 Lockdown in SA

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So today is day 8 of Lockdown in South Africa and thankfully all of us in our household are well and keeping busy and happy. Naturally, like many of us, I am addicted to the news and keep watching and hoping that some brilliant minds somewhere will find a cure quickly.

So far in SA, we have faired well, however, I am one of the fortunate ones and live in a lovely home in a great neighbourhood. However many South Africans face a far bleaker daily outlook. Having cramped conditions, poor health, few facilities, little food and lack of support making the dictated isolation an impossible ask. It is these people who will be most affected and it is urgent that we find a treatment asap otherwise we will have mass deaths on our hands.

I wrack my brains each day thinking about what can be done but given the circumstances of not being able to move, I have no role to play. Daily I think of the ‘Live in Carers’ surviving in the UK and knowing how trying this work is under normal circumstances this must make it near impossible. I salute each and every one of you. I hope you are being treated well and appreciated for all that you do.

For those of us that are back here with family and many would have planned a few months break, suddenly we find ourselves in a place of uncertainty. Will we be able to go to the UK and work again and if so when? Many of us depend on this income to help family and loved ones. The planes are grounded and who knows when and for whom they will be available next.

This situation puts an end to do care work in the UK as a means of income for a while. If you are anything like me you are wondering what you can do here to replace your income? What will the world look like when the lockdown is lifted? what will be needed? how will things have changed? There are so many unknowns.

I have been searching the internet for articles written by globalists, futurists, statisticians, brilliant minds that can look beyond our present circumstances into the world we will return to. This is an ongoing exercise. So far opinions dictate that many who once went into work now will work from home minimising infrastructure costs for companies, saving time on commuting and limiting climate damage. Schools and Universities may choose to place a lot of their tutoring online, Fitness, Yoga, Pilates etc have increased their online presence and benefitted during the lockdown.

Amazon, Wallmart and others have actually employed more people during this time, underlining the need for home delivery and convenience of shopping at home. Many will realise they do not need as much as they thought they did hence buying patterns will change.

New industries will be born perhaps specialised cleaning and disinfecting services for the likes of dentists and opticians. Ghost kitchens set up by restaurants where delicious and restaurant-quality meals are delivered to homes. Professional Home Office set up companies will spring up allowing professionals to set up at home.

We will have acclimatised to Zoom, House Party and the likes and continue to use them. We will have noticed that during this lockdown we have spent less, how much is saved from not having a cappuccino each day? this then prompts the question of need, do we need this every day. New habits will have formed, more books read, more people spoken to, more time spent reflecting and thinking of life as a whole and what is important. I found this extremely informative article originally published in The Conversation that you might find interesting here

So whilst we are supposedly doing nothing I think each and every one of us are probably doing more than we think.

I for one keep thinking about what comes next, how do we all survive the future? what will the world look like? I certainly have no answers and all I can do is concentrate on what I love to do and hope that something might come from that. You might like to read this article ‘16 Ways Coronavirus May Change the Way We Look at the World‘ written by  Carin Ism and Julien Leyre

The general consensus is to find something that you are passionate about and do it. The money will follow apparently. Hmm, we will see but for now, there is no other choice. Many online platforms are offering free courses and one of them is skillshare check them out something there might enthuse you.

I love skillshare as many of their courses are creative and so much fun, there is always a sense of accomplishment, even if the art piece produced is only valued by you. I think the journey of creation sets the mind in motion and may surprise you with a myriad of answers and ideas along the way. Just learning something new is great and right now for the next two months, all their courses are free.

Maybe you are really good at something, like knitting fancy scarves or painting cats, or turning junk into artwork? if you are you could become a teacher for skillshare. Just check out their site and see if it leads you to any answers.

I hope your isolation is going well and if you are currently looking after a vulnerable person I hope you are taking care of yourself too.

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