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Clean is the New Must-Have and Less is More.

by Diana
The Greatest Wealth is Health

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Clean is the New Must-Have, everything needs to be clean it needs to be disinfected and am sure that we will all carry on with these behaviours learnt during Covid-19.

Collect Moments Not Things – Paul Coelho

Most definitely we are going to be compulsive hand-washers, which is good in fact it’s great. Cleanliness is a must to the prevention of many infections so it is a great habit to form. I am sure some of us with OCD will enjoy this new form of becoming socially acceptable.

We will need to continue this process well into our old age if we are to ensure our family’s health and safety. For some these cleaning products are proving a bit of a problem as far as sensitive skin and others suffering from allergies and asthma.

Clean is the New Must-Have and Less is More

I cannot believe I am talking about cleaning products but given the situation, we are in I thought it might be a good idea. As cleaning has been given a huge boost and many of us are manic about keeping everything clean and disinfected.

We as a family have instituted a whole new procedure for unpacking and packing away our groceries which includes spraying each product with sanitiser or washing it under cold water, this is then dried and put away. At the end of the process, we all wash our hands again!

I Make Myself Rich by Making My Wants Few – Thoreau

Whilst I am so grateful for having the hand sanitiser the smell is potent and it seems harsh, not friendly more like a weapon, foreign. This led me to think about how this small item might be changed and improved and this is when I found ‘Force of Nature’ online. At first, I was super impressed by the website which is simple and clean, no fuss and only features the one product. and just love everything about this product.

It is cheap, it can be made at home, it is completely natural and will replace most cleaning products in the house, it sanitises and disinfects surfaces infected by viruses. In fact, I think it is the perfect product for our current situation. It is safe for children and animals, on open wounds, in clinical conditions its active ingredient, hypochlorous is used to clean wounds and eyes.

Clean is the New Must-Have and Less is More

Another plus about this product is that it simplifies life, there is no need to buy a bunch of different cleaning products, for windows, kitchen surfaces or bathrooms. You just need the one. I like this too as not only does it save money it simplifies life and that is definitely part of my new life. Another thing I have learnt the fewer things lying around on surfaces the easier it is to keep them clean.

This, in turn, has prompted my love of minimalism. Staying at home all this time gives me hours just staring at my environment and to question why I have some of the things I have? What planet was I on when buying the awful looking bookends and why do I have a whole bunch of Video CDs? I never watch them, I stream everything, who doesn’t? I have a lot of stuff I don’t need and haven’t used in ages, it’s going.

Clean is the New Must-Have and Less is More

Getting rid of extraneous stuff is immensely liberating, it almost feels like you have lost weight. Mentally throwing away junk is great, it makes you happy, it makes you peaceful and happy, just try it. The less you have the less you have to clean and keep tidy.

I love iconic Scandinavian Interior design as they always highlight, simple spaces, lots of light, clean surfaces, no stuff lying around, the spaces seem simple and peaceful, just love the feeling.

I am pairing down and cleaning up, I am getting my life in order for what comes after.

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