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Gates of 60 2

by Diana

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At the Gates of 60Here I am standing at the Gates of 60, thought there would be somebody giving me a special pass, a pat on the back, a nod of appreciation but no!!!It’s just another day!!is no big deal, why? it’s the new 40, well it has to be doesn’t it?  I just read 70 is the new 50!!

So now that I know I am only 40 I am feeling quite exhausted, I have another 40 years to go until I am 80!! Phew and I thought it was a marathon to here!! Ok this changes things, hmm time to re-adjust the Life Plan!! That means for most of us now our check out date is going to 100!!

At the Gates of 60

Well 40-60 without school fees, medical bills, supporting children and a big home, just imagine how much I can save, this is great.  No wonder it’s quiet at these gates, the new 60’s have rushed off to enjoy their 40’s!! I am so energised right now…

Where is Everybody?

So where have you all gone?  I know many of the single one’s who have struggled most of their lives have rushed off to earn money for retirement if that ever happens, others are busy reinventing themselves, now that they have their lives back without commitments, still more are off studying for a their second career, others have gone travelling, some are doing voluntary work abroad, others are moving country, they are a vibrant lot, living life to the full. 

The married ones maybe renewing their vows or ditching their partners and choosing another route, whatever they choose they are choosing what’s good for them, it doesn’t affect anyone else and these choices are perhaps what keeps them healthy.  A life without regret, brave choices beget great rewards, this is no dress rehearsal, this is it.

Reinvention is Big

It doesn’t stop there at 60 everyone becomes sporty, yes they are doing marathons, cycling, gyming, doing Pilates, water sports, skydiving, scuba diving, this bunch are literally living life to the full.

At the Gates of 60Some have finally come out of the closet, some have become full time Buddhists’, others are writing their first book, some are modelling or even acting, Ageing is becoming the New Black, some are graduating for the first time.

At 60 it would seem there is no wrong or no right, I think it’s perhaps all about living and doing, experiencing, packing as much as you can into life, don’t let it slip by in a dreary repetitive blur of routine and compromise

Hmm think I am going to like this 60/40 life!!

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