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Any Age Gap Year- The Complete Guide to becoming a ‘Live in Carer’ in the UK

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Any Age Gap Year
Any Age Gap Year

Any Age Gap Year

The Complete Guide to Becoming a ‘Live in Carer’ in the UK’

Are You stuck? Not sure how to move forward? Perhaps you have lost your job or you need more money to pay for school fees or to help a sick relative?

There are so many reasons why this book might just place you into a winning space, providing you with a solution to finding and securing a future. 

Find out how to …

Travel the UK & Earn & Save £1000’s Per Month

Any Age Gap Year

Firstly Age is Not a Problem – Perfect if you are between 40 – 75yrs

Do You Have a UK Passport or the Right to Work in the UK? – If so You are good to go.

Need to Earn Money Fast? – You Will

Need to Change Your Life and Expand Your Horizons? – This is Guaranteed

Need to Secure Your Future?- Once Qualified You Will always have Work

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Any Age Gap Year

Be courageous take the next step..

My Story 3.5years ago, I was unfairly dismissed from a Senior Marketing role
and at the age of  58 yrs and female, my prospects seemed limited.

So I investigated ‘Live in Care Work in the UK’, but

found it hard to get the information I wanted.

Sure I could read what the care agencies had to say, but I wanted to hear

from the Carers, the people who were doing it, their advice, their


I wanted the truth of the situation, would I be able to handle it?

Would I manage living under a strangers roof?

Were people kind to “Live in Carers’?

How did they treat Carers?

All this and more. I could find no one to talk


However, I persevered which has brought me to this place of writing a

book to help others who face a wall and have no idea how to negotiate a

future and find hope.

This short book details exactly the requirements needed to begin the journey, the training, the clients, British food and customs, typical medical problems, useful contacts and so much more. This book will take you from today to a bank account filled with pounds, a life of adventure and the freedom to choose your own future. This journey will bolster your confidence, you will grow, learn, forgive, forget, have fun and so much more.

Yes, you can change the direction and fortune of your life for yourself and those closest to you.

Any Age Gap Year
Any Age Gap Year

Maybe You have done Your own research and are ready to start this adventure? If so fill in an application form here.

This agency prides itself on a 22 year history and introduces qualified Carers to the wealthy and the privileged thereby ensuring the new circumstances you arrive into are pleasant.

Belinda5.0 out of 5 starsA book that needs to be carried everywhere with you.

7 January 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseBest investment for me as a new carer and excellent for carer that have been in the industry for a while. There are lots of useful links and advise that we all need together with a hint of humour that we all definitely need in our day to day life. The best is that the author is writing from years of experience as a carer…This is a must read for all carers and even family and friends of carers. This will give you a lot of insight into what caring is all about.

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