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Adversity is Opportunity in Disguise -Lockdown Day 15 and I look at the news like a rabbit in the headlights, my nose twitching, wondering if I should eat the whole carrot or put some away for later.

We all of us face such an uncertain future and for many, this must be front of mind. How do we survive when we get back to normalcy? What will be left? Fortunately for many, their professions and work will be fine and incomes will be secured for others may find their entire industry has disappeared.

It would seem prudent during this downtime to prepare for what might come next. This is the hard part, what will be needed? how will things have changed? None of us really know but, most certainly the world will all have changed in some way. We too as individuals will have changed, we have had time to think about what’s important and what isn’t maybe even time to reinvent the way we do things. Come up with a new business idea, spoken to old acquaintances long forgotten, read more, thought more, exercised more and re-evaluated our daily lives.


In the meantime whilst we are stuck at home many companies are doing their very best to make life better for us. It’s not just companies but it’s individuals the wonderful health workers, police force, delivery people, municipal workers, bus drivers, shopkeepers and so many others who go to work each day and risk their lives. These are today’s heroes. Let our future selves remember this.

There is an absolutely excellent article featured in the Daily Maverick that provides a heartwarming account of a day in the life of a Policeman during the lockdown. Read it here

Others like John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt are creating these uplifting videos that certainly make you laugh and cry and just generally fall in love with humanity at its best.


The world has given us a moment to sit back and maybe find something we enjoy doing. Perhaps it is painting, sewing, woodwork, blogging, acting, photography whatever you have secretly wanted to be good at maybe now is the time to learn more about yourself and your skills.

So if the world goes on a hiatus for at least three months and our governments bail us out we are in essence borrowing against our future, which might not be mine but my children’s’. This means that all of our countries will suffer from inflation and devaluation of our currencies but when we are all doing it, it becomes relative. So the worst-case scenario is that we will be paying more in tax to pay back?

However when we return to normal life we will have changed, many of us will realise we need half of what we have. That we can comfortably work from home as do the companies we work for and that gives us options to move into cheaper areas thus saving money. Some will completely change the direction of their lives and want to study something new realising how tenuous life is. Perhaps you need some help in finding that direction or maybe you even know what it is you would like to do. Master Class is a great place to look at unusual and interesting courses you can do from home and online that will make your dreams a reality take a look here at MasterClass

Others may have crafted during the break and beginning new businesses. Still, more will realise just how much we use and depend on the internet not only for our entertainment and connection but is used for so much more. Now perhaps than at any other time in history is a good time to start an online business.

Maybe selling your own products or selling other peoples’ products. Affiliate sales is an enormous market and getting bigger as more and more products come online and am sure we will see new and innovative products after the lockdown.

A great network to join is Shareasale as they offer a profusion of products and am sure that within this platform you will find products that sync with your blog or website. I strongly believe in recommending products that you have tried, know and trust and you will find these here.

Join shareasale.com, Earn Cash!

Just a couple of ideas to give you something to think about and perhaps in this downtime to start working on.


As we recover we will realise just how great humanity is and how precious people are and the planet we live on and want to care for and protect it. Our leadership will be questioned as will our whole way of life.

We will take time to repair as so many will have lost loved ones and this is unacceptable and many will have died to care for us. I hope that we remember all the people who put themselves out there to take care of our needs are elevated to a level they deserve. The jobs they do are not fun or interesting, many are tedious and boring and the workers ignored or overlooked by society. These people are fundamental to our lives and play an important role and should be rewarded for it.

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