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About Time Changing Ageing

by Diana

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My Sixty Plus Life is for Women who Care, it’s about Style & Health about lifting the Cloak of Invisibility on a group of vibrant, strong and incredibly important people. About the future of Ageing as the world gets ready to face the biggest demographic ever, of an ageing population.

My Sixty Plus Life is inspired by Dr Bill Thomas from ‘Changing Ageing’.

‘Baby Boomers’ finally become the ‘Elders’ of our society and as we all know this generation do everything on their own terms. These will be exciting times.

This Blog is about You, Them and Me.
You might be the Grandparent or You might be the Adult Boomer Child and there’s Me somewhere between. It depends on your viewpoint as to who You are!!

I have arrived at this space thanks to my travels throughout the UK working as a ‘Live in Carer(Slave)/ PA/Dogsbody/Nurse.

This has at times been incredibly hard, lonely, frightening, depressing, manic, crazy, funny and sometimes mind-numbingly boring. In amongst my ramblings, I look for the glass half full.

I have had great experiences and terrible ones, but at least I have experienced stuff that most would not.

This adventure has allowed me insight into the lives of the elderly, their fears, their hopes, their problems and their wishes.

At the same time, I have tried to understand their adult children and their hopes, fears, grudges, blame, jealousy, arrogance, disrespect and more.

I hope through my ramblings that further understanding between these two Tribes of people will emerge.

About Time Changing Ageing

It’s about Life and Death, the fear of ageing and what ageing means. The Changing Face of Ageing and what we hope the for the future of Ageing.

About making choices and having fun. Living life in the moment and taking a chance. Seeing humour even in the awful.

This is home to those who see life through multi-coloured lenses and don’t know what a straight line is!!! It’s for people who are slightly quirky and refuse to accept the norms, who live life bravely and make challenging life choices and want a life full of meaning and adventure.

The purpose of My Sixty Plus Life is share stories of People who are courageously living bravely. To discover and share scientific findings on longevity and happiness and to offer a humorous slant on things, people who annoy!!

About all of this and to live life with Style and Grace, to find Your Voice and Say it Loud and clear.

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